Resources for Parents

Webpages and Forums

Hudson Valley Parents – Local forum for parenting issues of all kinds. Find childcare, playgroups, and activities, get advice from other parents and buy and sell household items and more.

Parenting Magazine – National magazine providing parents with the latest information on having happy kids and healthy families.

Consumer Product Safety Commission – Let’s keep our kids safe! Get information on product recalls and children safety tips.

Podcasts and Blogs

Manic Mommies – Weekly podcast and blog. The Manic Mommies, Kristin Brandt and Erin Kane are busy working moms who believe all moms deserve support, validation, and lots of laughs! Through their weekly podcast, the Manic Mommies bring listeners tips, product reviews, guest interviews, and practical advice to moms trying to manage the madness!

The Mommy Blog – Adventures from the wonderbelly of motherhood.

Parents Magazine Podcast: Tales from the trenches, must-know-info, and expert advice! Created by the editors of Parents Magazine, each episode in this podcast focuses on a specific topic, such as overweight children, food allergies, or divorce.


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