Classroom Schedules

Preschool Room Schedule


7am Center opens (combined with Toddlers until 8am)
7-9am Free play
9am Breakfast (children may partake if they wish)
9:30am Circle time (stories, weather, calendar, songs)
9:45-10:45am Activity areas (smaller groups in play areas, art and one-on-one activities)10:45am   Prepare to go outside (clean up toys, prepare mats for nap,  children put on jackets)
11-11:50am Outside time (if weather is bad we play at the end of the hallway)
12pm Lunch
12:30pm Clean up lunch/quiet time with books/ listen to stories on cassettes
1-2:45pm Rest time (books and toys are put down, every child lays down and rests for at least 20 minutes, when children wake they play quietly on mats)
2:45-3pm Put away mats, blankets, and sheets
3pm Snack time (children may partake if they wish)
3:30pm Afternoon circle time
4pm Outside play
5-5:25pm Free play inside
5:30pm Center closes

Toddler Room Schedule


7:30-9:00am The children will have free play or be offered puzzles or coloring pages.
9:00 am Breakfast time
9:30 am Morning diapers/potty and breakfast cleanup
10:15 am Circle time: Read a story or 2, sing some songs and/or action rhymes. Get up and move!
10:30 am Morning snack
10:45 am Project/activity time: based on the theme for the week.
11:15 am Outside play.  We feel it is important that the children spend time outside.  If weather prevents this then we will play in the hallway.
11:50 am Afternoon diapers/potty and washing up for lunch
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Nap time
3:00 pm Wake up time and diapers/potty
3:30 pm Afternoon snack
3:45 pm Free play
4:15-5:30pm Outside play (weather permitting) or hallway play. During this time we may also have free play, do puzzles, Magna doodles, coloring pages, or musich and dancing.

*This is just a rough outline of a toddler’s day.

Infant Room Schedule


7:30-8:45am Welcome
8:45-9:15am Breakfast
9:15-9:30am Diaper changes
9:30-10am Learning activities
10-11am Indoor/outdoor play
11-11:15am Diaper changes
11:15am-12pm Lunch
12-2pm Naps/quiet time
2-3pm Diaper changes
3-3:30pm Snacks
3:30-5:30pm Playtime/goodbyes

* Not a strict schedule

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